April "Get the Look"

Written by Tiffani Cordoza


Posted on March 29 2022

You know what I love.... when I see something on the internet that I know I can re-create myself!!! I love it even more when it's with a few staple pieces so I can save money!! These items you might already have in your nail desk and if so... then that's even better! NO additional expense required!! 

Don't get me wrong I can appreciate the wonderful artwork that takes HOURS to complete. The hand painted one of a kind mini treasures but let's be honest.. the majority of clients are not willing to pay for that or sit there long enough... or again... PAY FOR THAT! I totally understand you enjoy it, you are an artist of course you do!! That doesn't mean you get to give your GOLD away for free though!

I created a new section on my website called "SHOP THE SWATCH" and the main focus of that section is to curate monthly nail art looks that are created using 3-5 staple items. I will always show the looks during one of my Cordoza TV lives (go download the app if you haven't we are so much forkin' fun!!!) and will link up the staple items you need to create the nail designs, the video and the step by step! All of the looks are designed to be executed very quickly.. an additional 10-15 minutes max on your service. All of these looks can be up charged by $10-15+ so you profit and are compensated for your time!! Don't give this away friend, don't do it!!! You can throw me under the bus and tell your clients that your nail supplier said you have to charge for it!! You can re-create the swatches with your own twist to have on display for your clients to pick from for that month or use my image! The goal here is to HELP you!! I hope this new resource is helpful to you and will alleviate some of that pressure on you! 

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