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Are the nail schools failing the next generation of nail techs?

Tiffani Cordoza

Posted on July 30 2018

Are the nail schools failing the next generation of nail techs?

Hey Friends,

It's great to see you back for week 3! I hope that you have had time to implement the last 2 business building skills that you learned and if you're feeling lost or loving it please send me a reply or share about it in our TRIBE group on Facebook. 



You're probably thinking she did not just go there.. but I did. Why? Because our nail education system is in dire NEED of your help. Yep.. Yours.  I'm leaving names out of this because A) it's no necessary and B) I think that it is unfortunately a problem that happens more often than we realize.  


So here is where this weeks topic stemmed from and how we are going to BUILD EACH OTHER UP!


Scenario: While recently stopping in at a local beauty school to leave educational material and talk with the instructor about helping some of the students where she saw them struggling, said person was told they were not allowed to talk to the students, give them information or step foot on the "floor". The scenario went a little further but the details don't really matter. You know it and I know it. It happens to often. Students invest in a nail career and they leave feeling clueless, lost, uninspired and with no guidance.  It's a huge and common problem from what I have saw. AND here is what we are going to do about it.. We are going to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in a nail students career. I don't care if you graduated yesterday or you've been doing nails for 30 years. You are valuable and you are worthy. We are going to take a student under our wing and we are going to mentor them. In mentoring them a funny thing will happen. Miraculous really. You will find that in fact you grew just as much or more than the student you were mentoring. AND that my friends is how we are going to BUILD EACH OTHER UP starting with the next gen of Nail Techs!



Find a NAIL STUDENT and MENTOR them. Connect with them and share a few tips or tricks, invite them to come in and shadow you for a day. Do whatever they need, You will most likely have them tell you; before you came along I hated nails and now I love them. What a wonderful thing that is to hear. Once you find a local student to mentor introduce them to the TRIBE and share a little bit about your mentoring experience!!





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