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Educate The Consumer {attract the clientele YOU deserve}

Written by Tiffani Cordoza


Posted on January 24 2020

I recently wrote a blog (here) that talked about client abuse which leads to the feeling of low self esteem, beat down passion, burnout and in some cases even depression. Yeah, I just said that. DEPRESSION unfortunately is a real thing and we shouldn't hide it or be ashamed. If you ever feel like this crazy nail world is getting you into a "funk" I have an excellent podcast I would love to pass along your way! I will tell you that there are so many resources out there to help you move past this and if you are battling with industry induced depression I want you to know that YOU ARE WORTHY. YOU opened this and girl, you are READING it. That should speak volumes in itself right there that you are invested in your education! YOU are valuable, skilled, educated and so much more. Just leave a comment and let me know if you would like the link to the podcast! (I am about to co-host on my very own podcast that will be launching SOON so keep an eye out, it is NOT nail relate but I think you'll like it.. click here)


So the real reason you opened the email, the meat and potatoes, it's about to get real so grab your favorite snacks, put on on your readers (or screen glasses) and lets get to it..



It is up to YOU to educate the person inquiring to book an appointment with you WHY you are at X price versus Y price when they act shocked, or put off. It is up to YOU to educate them on YOUR expectations and salon policies. It is up to YOU to educate them on what makes you different or sets you apart from other salons. (if you don't know what that is, that's ok, dig deep and don't be afraid to make changes to set yourself apart) It is up to YOU to educate them on the seriousness of a missed appointment, a 5 min before the appt cancellation. It's up to YOU to set boundaries in your business. I am happy to hold your hand through the difficult process and be your sounding board but you.. yes YOU have to start educating the consumer and not just assuming they already know. Please do not mis-read into what I am saying. There are those clients who honestly don't care even after you have educated them. They want cheap at any expense (and you and I both know it's never really cheap but that's another email). Here's the thing though.. YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO THEIR NAILS! BOOOM BABY.. BUHHH BYE! Politely and professionally explain to them that you aren't the nail tech for them and let them go!! STOP plunging up clients from the bottom of the barrel and expecting them to treat you with respect and like the amazing tech you are. STOP putting yourself in a situation where you are discounted, and begging for clients, taking anyone you can at any price just to get a client on your books. TRUST ME, those will NOT be the clients you want or have worked hard to get. I know it is hard to hear, and honestly it's hard for me to say it. I FEEL YOU. I know what it is like to not have any clients on the books, have bills to pay and education you want to attend but can't afford. My best advice is to hold on a little longer, focus on educating the people who do call or inquire, creating a client "agreement" that you outline your policies and expectations and put the ball back in your court. Create a referral program, network with like minded people in the community... aka.. your ideal client. Offer an upgrade not a discount. Hold out for the clients who appreciate YOU, value YOU, respect YOU, and they know they are lucky to be sitting in YOUR nail chair! Be the nail tech that every nail tech in your town admires because you are professional, you know your worth and you won't settle for anything less even if you're the most expensive tech and town.. and whatever you do.. DON'T forget where you came from and how hard you worked. There are so many nail techs that struggle, pick them up in their time of need and pass along some things that helped you. Let's start being kind nail techs, the kind that have each other's back and form a community not a competition.

Well that was deep, but it was necessary and it was weighing heavily on my heart. I truly hope that these emails, and the blogs will be a source for those of you who need to hear it. If you are reading this please know that I am rooting for YOU! I want you to be wildly successful and I want you to know that I don't just sell nail products, I am here to help you in your business and I have dedicated a HUGE amount of time in my business to advocating for nail techs success.


I am just a message away. If you enjoyed the topic/blog let me know, if you have a question I am happy to help!! If there is another topic you'd like me to cover let me know friend!!

XOXO, Tiffani Cordoza






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    So very true. I learned it later in my career. I wish I had figured that out when I started. But everything is a learning experience.

    Posted by Cindy | April 27, 2022
  • Comment author

    Thank you for sharing your blog , thanks for spending time to education us . i am really enjoying your blog, your ideas really helpful in business . I did some mistake you talk about and now when i read this , it is really make sense , i wish i know about your blog sooner . Thanks !!

    Posted by Tam le | April 02, 2020
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