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Written by Tiffani Cordoza


Posted on April 07 2021

I always RAVE about the Elegant Glass Nails products not because I sell them but because I do truly LOVE them! I am not everyone so I wanted to give a little more street cred to this blog post and reached out to my community to see what their favorite products were!!


Fusion was hands down the most loved product! More specifically the combo of Affix and Fusion together. I won't disagree!! If you have a client who has nails that are giving you any issues you can use this combo and WOW them! You can use it with every service and be the nail tech talk of the town!!! Grab your FUSION here! Grab some AFFIX here! 


The TOP COATS were also very highly recommended! Polished (linked here) is a no cleanse and is excellent with chromes!! High Shine (linked here) is a great gel polish top and base in one! Both Polished and High Shine are soak off!! 


The ACRYLE acrylic system was also highly recommended and it doesn't disappoint! If you are looking for a fast setting super easy to use, does all the work for you type of product I suggest grabbing an intro kit here!! Milk Bath was also recommended so here is the link for that fun stuff too!! 


The portable e-file is MY NEW FAVE.. for the last year and still in the lead!! This e-file is AFFORDABLE but not cheap!!! It is rechargeable, and charges anything with a USB port! It is light weight, 30k rpm's, no vibration, fwd and reverse! I could go on and on but it's basically a unicorn for the price!!!! Grab yours HERE!


Fiber Bond is a super strong and durable soak off base gel with fibers so it's super super strong!!! It's also a nice translucent pink so it hides any imperfections and fills in ridges! Linked here!


Is there a product you'd like to try? Visit my website at and see what you can find! 









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