GOLI & how it has changed my life!!

Written by Tiffani Cordoza


Posted on February 17 2021


I feel a little odd writing a blog on my nail page about a gummy vitamin BUT I have been so impressed with it's life changing abilities that I could not keep it a secret!! 

I personally take BOTH the ACV and the ASHWA gummies and I take 2 gummies 2x per day (4 total each). Order them here and get a discount on me!! 

I started taking the ACV gummies about 6 months ago when I saw them recommended by an influencer on IG! I was totally guilty of an impulse swipe up moment that changed my life!! I already eat very healthy due to a dairy/sugar allergy and I am a huge fan of jun, probiotics and all things fermented!! I guess once your palette changes you like odd things!! I say this because I didn't notice a gigantic difference when I started the ACV but I already have a healthy "gut"!! I did notice less bloat, my occasional heartburn has disappeared and I seem to have more energy. My friends and other people who have started taking it have noticed HUGE changes. Needless to say once you start just get on an auto-ship because these gummies you won't want to go with out!! 

ASHWA- the real life changer for me!

I have super high anxiety, and I also suffer from self diagnosed ADD because I can go a million miles an hour in 4 directions and a few other symptoms! I could never get to sleep at a reasonable time, never could get into a deep sleep and always had a racing mind!! I started taking the Ashwa gummies, once again from a swipe up moment of weakness! My anxiety is manageable, and at this point almost non existent!! I am sleeping through the night, waking up rested and my brain fog is gone!! I know there are so many other great benefits of both of these gummies but these are the personal ones I have noticed and benefitted from!!

 GOLI gave me a discount that I get to extend to YOU!! Just click here to go to their website!! You get the best deal when you order in the 5 month supply!! I personally have a year stocked up because I am so afraid I will run out!! 




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