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How to run a Sale & Profit from it!

Tiffani Cordoza

Posted on September 12 2018

How to run a Sale & Profit from it!

How to run a "sale" and not lose money? As a nail tech we often find ourselves running a sale to fill our books. We offer discounted prices on our services to get people in the door. The problem is they are NOT the people you want. Typically the people shopping around for a discount will leave as soon as the discounts run out and look for the next place or tech that will offer a discount.  In my business experience I have found a very profitable way to run a "sale" without loosing a penny!! I also found that this way of running your business also yields a client that will stay with you and will pay you what you want.  There is more to running a "sale" than just picking a service and discounting said service. It will take a little brain power on your part. Grab a notebook and brainstorm who your ideal client is. What does your client look like in terms of the services they will receive and how often? What does your client want to gain from their time with you?  What is something that would appeal to that client?  Once you have answered those questions and found YOUR ideal client you can then brainstorm ways you can creatively reel that client in. For example: My ideal client is a businesswomen in her mid 40s who comes every 2 weeks, values my time and will pay for it and is looking for relaxation and an hour to herself to de-stress. I can reel that client in by running a promotion where I offer a "relaxation" upgrade to her nail service. The first upgrade is on me. I start her service with a hot towel around the neck, relaxing essential oils, small glass of wine and soothing music. She enjoys the relaxation so much that on the next appointment she can't help but take advantage of the $20 upgrade.  I offered a "sale" in the form of an upgrade. The "sale" I chose to run was something that could be purchased on future appointments therefore it becomes profitable. The "sale" was catered to my specific and ideal client therefore it is something I know she couldn't resist.  When you put some thought into your marketing strategy you can see that the potential for profiting is very high. You won't loose a penny while catering to your "ideal" clients. You might even reel in some new "ideal" clients along the way!! 

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