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Written by Tiffani Cordoza


Posted on July 30 2018

One of the things that has helped me in my success has been the ability to recognize REACTION.

So what exactly does that mean? I am going to explain it in the easiest terms as possible!

As a nail tech, or human in general we always compare ourselves to others. (if you aren't one of those people my hat is off to you and keep reading!!)  

If we see a set of beautiful nails we want to be able to do them and feel inadequate if we can't.

If someone else has a full clientele and we don't we automatically think,  why not me.

In my own business I see things that other people are doing and sometimes find myself thinking, I wish I had what they have, or better yet sometimes feeling annoyed that they have zillions of followers and I have minimal yet I know I run my business out of pure passion for this industry. (i'm giving generic scenarios, all scenarios lead to the same secret sauce)

We are all SO HUMAN. We have flaws and we have REACTIONS and that is totally normal. But... HERE is the secret sauce.  It is how you TAKE ACTION that will set you apart.

Whenever I find myself having those restless, annoying feelings that we just talked about I get my mind OUT OF THE GUTTER and I dissect what they are doing differently that I am not.

I dig deep, I get to the root of what is actually making me feel that way. It's never that person or thing specifically  but usually a wall I have built in my own mind.

Once I can pin point what the root of the REACTION is I can then.. TAKE ACTION.


I am calculated and precise because I know exactly what I need to fix internally to get the results I want externally, and that my friend is the #1 secret that everyone wants to know.





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