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6wk Social Media Course Starts Nov 12th-Cordoza Nail Supply-Cordoza Nail Supply

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6wk Social Media Course Starts Nov 12th

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Join me for a 6 week Social Media Growth Course via email. In this course you will learn exactly how to grow your social media presence with a precise plan of action and the why behind it, learn how to create driven content, engagement and how to generate clients and followers from social media. This class will push you out of your comfort zone so be ready for a challenge! 

Course content will be delivered via email with additional audio content where I will explain in detail what that week is covering as well as boost your confidence and pump you up!! We will check in weekly via our secret FB group for paid attendees only. Course starts on September 17th with content delivered every Monday for 6 weeks.

Testimonials coming soon!!  

Invest in YOURSELF ❤️


Starts on NOV 12th!



I was part of the first group of Tiffani’s Social Media class! The class size was so perfect! I got to know so many Nail Techs to bounce ideas off of and my social media is taking off! The quantity and quality of my posts has gone up TREMENDOUSLY since this class! She gave me so many great ideas on how to be successful in your business by online presence! This class is a MUST for the Nail Technicians that want to keep succeeding and go further with their business. It is definitely helping me achieving my goals!


Taking Tiffani's social media course is a MUST have tool for capturing a successful social business audience. There are so many details, steps, and timing that is taught. It is continuously interactive daily, and it's great seeing others perspectives of what they've learned and utilizing their new found knowledge. This class is for EVERYONE that interacts on social media for their business, whether you're an employee, booth renter, owner, distributor, or educator. The price is crazy affordable for a FULL 6 weeks of coaching. I learned so much from this class, and how to monitor insights on my pages to see how different kinds of posts perform. Editing, apps, emailing, and much more, OH MY!!!..... DON'T miss this opportunity!



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