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Social Media Strategy Course - Cordoza Nail Supply
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Social Media Strategy Course

$ 97.00 $ 297.00

Course Opening SOON! (currently closed enrollment)


This course is for nail professionals who are familiar with social media but aren't getting the reach and results you would like from your current efforts! This course is packed with a TON of information. Please allow yourself the time needed to work through this course and be active in the paid group. 

This course will be delivered in "drip" style. When you purchase the course I will email you daily for 5 days giving you the entire course. Please read and listen/watch the content delivered and store it in a safe place. I will NOT resend emails. Please make sure when you receive the welcome email that you save me as a VIP so you don't miss any emails. 

You will also be granted access into the private FB group for paid course attendees. You will have access to this group for 90 days unless you are contributing to the group. I will delete any in-active members from the group at that point. I am strict on this because my goal is that my course attendees are successful and that you are pro-active in the discussions and/or training's in the group.  

Just because you purchase this course doesn't mean you don't have to do the work. This course will only be as profitable as the time you dedicate to it. 

In this course you will learn how to:

- post purposeful and actionable content 

- identify WHO you're ideal client is 

- create an irresistible offer 

- utilize photos to your advantage 

- make pinterest work for YOU not against you!!!

- schedule your content and get in a routine that works 

- learn about landing pages/websites and why you need one

- unlock the power of emails

- leave with a goal that you can implement immediately 

- attract clients in your community 


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