2024 Cordoza Christmas Nail Tech Advent Box

$ 189.95



The holiday season is always crazy busy for nail techs making sure that everyone has pretty nails for the season! At Cordoza Nail Supply, we wanted to make sure nail techs felt that special feeling too so we created our exclusive Cordoza Christmas Nail Tech Advent Box! The products inside this box can be enjoyed throughout the year. This is our 5th annual box!! 


25 hand wrapped and personally selected nail goodies, numbered and ready for you to open each day!! Are you up for being spoiled?

BRAND Collab's - We partner with a few select brands to make your box even more spectacular! The brands donate aka "sponsor" days in our box so make sure you show them extra love when you open a gift from them!

12 CNS Limited Edition Gel Colors Exclusive to the 2024 Nail Tech Advent Box! Colors you will use YEAR ROUND!


Elegant Glass Nails, SO Gel, Gotti Nails, Tracy Vinson Mobile Manicurist, Famous Names, Profiles Backstage, En Vogue, Atwood Industries

Boxes ship in November so you have them in time for December 1st!

Coupon codes and free shipping cannot be applied to your purchase of the 2024 Countdown to Christmas box. This must also be purchased by itself or your order will be refunded. 


If you haven't gotten the Advent Nail Box, you should! I am so glad I did. I am loving everything in the box especially the polishes. The square bottles are also amazing and fit so nice on my polish racks! Can't wait to see what new colors you get! Definitely worth it! Thanks Tiff! 


I've always been nervous about large purchases. But I can say without a doubt! I loved this box!! Every item Tiffani hand picks for us and gives so much thought and consideration to them. You can guarantee I have this ready for pre order and honestly wishing I got 2 last year, the custom polishes are a huge hit with my clients and the fact that only 150 nail techs in the world have them is an awesome advertisement to get new clients in as well. Love love love cordoza advent boxes!!!

This box brings so much Christmas magic to our busy lives during the month of December. So much fun for you and your clients to count down the days, you'll love getting this box and following along with it in Cordoza group.

It's so much fun to open a new gift every day and have something to look forward to! The thoughtfulness that goes into it warms my heart and the gifts are brilliant!!

Goodness where to start. I may or may not have opened the rest of my box early. There are so many goodies and its worth way more than the value it's being listed as and you'll more than make your money back. I am in love with so many of the items. Honestly, some of the items I would have never of picked out for myself but I'm glad I got them. One of the polishes alone has made me consider switching brands. I cant wait to play with everything! Thank you for all the hard work that Tiffani and her team put in to these. The packages were super cute and thoughtful with each message. I cant wait to see what is in next years calendar!

Additional information

What is a Cordoza Countdown to Christmas Box?
Get ready for a fun-filled holiday advent box that’s stuffed with surprises you’ll be giddy over! From fun limited edition CNS gel polishes to nail art goodies and plenty of wonderful gifts, Tiffani has handpicked each item especially for you. Inside you’ll find 25 days of unique gifts including limited edition CNS must-haves and exclusive items you won’t find anywhere else! It’s much more than just another Christmas box—it’s a one-of-a-kind experience that will make your holiday season even brighter!

Are there any discounts or promotions available for the 2024 Countdown to Christmas Box?
Coupon codes and free shipping cannot be applied to your purchase of the 2024 Countdown to Christmas box. This must also be purchased by itself or your order will be refunded. 

When will it ship?
Your Countdown to Christmas box will ship early-November and should arrive no later than November 30th.

Can I return or exchange the items in Cordoza Christmas Box?
No, all sales are final including the Cordoza Christmas Box. We will not accept returns or exchanges of any kind.

How do I check the shipping address?
You can locate the shipping address in your account order history. Please note that your address needs to be updated prior to shipping in November if it has changed. Once your package is shipped we will not be able to update the delivery address. We are not responsible for boxes shipped to an incorrect address and any additional shipping cost will be at the purchasers expense.

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