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Meet The Team

Team Cordoza is a select group of Nail Techs who use and love all things Cordoza Nail Supply and they want to share their love with YOU! More info coming soon!!

Arien Walker-

"I love Cordoza! Not only is the her name super fun to say but, Cordoza Nail Supply (Tiffani) is extremely supportive to even the little details! Not only do we need products but support is EVERYTHING! I have loved all the products so much, I get 98% of my supplies through Tiffani! My absolute favorite products that we're game changers for me, fusion - there is a huge difference in my clients nails. Simply Elegant line - my hard gel game is always improving! Acryle - BEST acrylic I've used! Extremely hard to not get the perfect bead EVERY time!"

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Beth Gipson-

"I love all of the products but my favorite's are the acryle acrylic line, fusion & all that dang glitter!! I love the quality of service and what Tiffani Cordoza represents. I have changed and have grown since meeting Tiffani years ago. She is not only my distributor but my friend. I appreciate all your hard work to make ours easier!!"

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Christie Baca- 

"I chose Cordoza for the variety of products, 5-star customer service, and dedication to the success of nail artists."

Christie's Favorites

- Shimmer 298 

- Affix & Fusion Combo 

-Evil Queen Gel Polish 

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Danna Kindt-

"I am an influencer with Cordoza Nail Supply because I believe in the products, I love the company and the owner and I am excited to be part of an amazing team!"


Danna's Favorites

-Fusion Universal Primer 

-NA 1496

-Polished Gel Top Coat 

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Sheila Amrhein-

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Lisa Nimmo-