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Angelfeet Foot File

$ 82.95

Introducing the world's safest and longest lasting foot file. This extraordinarily high-tech file features patented technology that eliminates the shredding of the skin that occurs with other inferior foot files. The unique design and architecutre is unparalleled in the market because it contains no cutting blades or sharp edges. The single piece surgical grade stainless steel is fully sanitizable and made in the USA. Used by the Mayo Clinic

  • Does not cut or grate the skin
  • One-piece stainless-steel file
  • Can last for greater than 1,000 pedicures
  • Saves time because of superior performance
  • Does not rust
  • Revolutionary new design
  • No plastic handles
  • Revolutionary, extremely long-lasting and innovative design
  • Used wet or dry
  • Sterilize using barbicide or autoclave
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • 100% recyclable



"I've been using the Angelfeet Pedicure File on my clients for over 2 years and it's the only foot file I need. I don't need to use anything else. Used dry, it reduces dry skin on heels very quickly. Used in combination with a callus removal product on wet skin, it quickly and easily takes down hard calluses without a lot of physical exertion. My clients are always amazed to see how well it works and it is the perfect size to fit into my disinfectant tray. Recently when I misplaced it, I was in a panic to replace it as soon as possible. I had to use a wooden foot file on a couple of pedi clients and it didn't produce the same results. This tool is one of the best investments I've made in my business."

-Laura M.,
Scratch My Back Nail Studio
Ajax, Ontario Canada

"I recently tried using Angelfeet and I was amazed by the quality of this product.  It is a safe and efficient tool which is perfect for pedicure services offered at my spa. It’s very easy to use and it does the job fast! Now that I have purchased Angelfeet, I can’t imagine using anything else. We have plans to have them in stock for retail sale and my customers can’t wait to buy this product. Also, the customer service at this company is outstanding. They are very helpful and enthusiastic. I look forward to working with them again in the future."

-Suzie H.,
Stems Spa
Suffolk, Va

"Greetings. As a celebrity nail and body therapist, I believe the Angelfeet Pedicure file is the best foot file on the market. I work in my Nais and Wellness Center as well as working on photo shoots, athletic events etc., and I must say there is no other for me. If you do not have one of these, you need to make the investment TODAY and let it provide your guest with ANGEL FEET."

-Maisie D.,

Celebrity Nail and Body Therapist

"My name is Samantha and I'm writing in regards to the Angelfeet Pedicure File. I have been a professional Spa Technician for over 7 years. In my experience with different product lines and implements, the professional grade Angelfeet Pedicure File is by far the most superior foot file I've used. Its ability to be used on the hardest, cracked, or fissured heels makes it irreplaceable, and allows me to do an incomparable treatment on my clients. Both myself, my clients and coworkers are amazed at the durability and unmatched results from using this tool. I currently carry 3 of the professional size files and my work load consists of an average of 20-30 pedicures a week. We are extremely satisfied not only with the efficiency of this tool, but the outstanding customer service with this company. I look forward to any new products they may come up with and this investment has been the best I've made for my business and clientele. Thank You!"

-Samantha M.,
Spa Technician at Jefferson

Terrace Salon and Spa
Jamestown, NY

"Angelfeet Pedicure file is by far the best product I have found for rough, dry feet. It has just the right amount of abrasive and firmness quality."

-Rosalind B.,
Beverly Hills, Florida

"I have used many products over the years to remove the calluses on my feet. The Angelfeet Pedicure file is by far the quickest and most efficient at clearing away the dry, calloused skin. My feet are softer than they have been in a long time. It is a great product!"

-Mitzi A.,
Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota


Revolutionary  Technology

Our foot files have a unique design and architecture, which make them one of a kind. The safety of an AngelFeet file is unparalleled because, unlike ordinary pedicure files, the AngelFeet collection contains no cutting blades or sharp edges . Our files are etched out of a single piece of surgical-grade stainless steel. We create a surface of thousands of pyramids to safely remove dry, cracked and calloused skin. This technology makes the pedicure fast, safe and easy to perform, without cutting or grating the skin. Other files made of metal, paper or cloth substrates have many negative attributes that do not allow them to be sterilized and can cause damage to the skin.

100% Sterilizable 

AngelFeet foot files can also be completely sterilized to eliminate bacteria and fungus. The design pattern also helps inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungus. Surgical-grade stainless steel construction allows the file to be autoclaved or placed in any germicide solution. Many states now require that professionals use pedicure files that can be sterilized in a high-temperature autoclave-type oven. Most other pedicure files are unable to withstand this heating process. Since the Angelfeet foot file is completely made of surgical stainless steel, this sterilization process poses no problem.

Angelfeet foot files feature a revolutionary smoothing surface that will outlast any other file. Made from the finest quality surgical stainless steel, our innovative design incorporates thousands of etched pyramids working in all directions to safely remove dry, cracked and calloused skin. Also, our Angelfeet foot files exceptionally safe to use because there are no raised cutting blades to cause microscopic abrasions to the skin, which can cause infections.

Our double-sided, multi-directional grit pattern makes manicures and pedicures fast and easy, without cutting or grating the skin, leaving only soft and healthy tissue. Other foot files, because of their inherent design flaws, may lift and cut the skin, or continue to remove healthy skin after unwanted skin is gone.

Made in USA

We are proud that all our files are developed and manufactured in the USA.  All the files that we manufacture are in complete compliance with federal, state and local regulations.  We make sure that all of our products are of the highest quality. We believe that supporting the American economy is worth having products made in the USA.

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