BASE Tender (HEMA-free)


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HEMA FREE!  Nail Techs are RAVING about the superior adhesion of Wildflowers BASE gel!

Wildflowers BASE gel is a soak-off gel that provides a foundation with maximum adhesion - even on habitual lifters.  This is the base coat we use for literally EVERYTHING at Wildflowers (Nails in a Box, Sculpting Paste, Gel Polish, Liquid and Powder Acrylic and so on).     

Base REFILL is enough to fill your small base bottle 2 times.  We do not sell empty small bottles.   Some nail techs prefer to use this product from a pot.


  • Shake well, and swirl the brush in the neck of the bottle before application.
  • Cleanse and Purify the nail plate with an Isopropyl Alcohol (90%+) acetone mixture (half and half is great) 
  • Do not apply protein bond, bond-aid, or any other primer, these are NOT necessary.  
  • Apply a thin coat of Wildflowers BASE gel.  Cure for 30 seconds in an LED lamp or 120 seconds in a UV lamp.  
  • Apply a second coat for camouflage coverage.  Cure.
  • Continue to sculpt your nails using Wildflowers Build in a Bottle, or Wildflowers Sculpting Paste OR finish with Wildflowers Top Coat Gel for a natural nail overlay.  

Product Size:

Wildflowers BASE gels come in a 15mL bottle, and our clear is now available in a 30mL refill size.  

Size: REFILL 30mL