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B.O.B. Soak-off Builder Gel for adding a protective layer on natural nails, for extensions or to encase nail art. The application is effortless, more like a soft gel, but wears like a hard gel. B.O.B is clear and self-leveling.

How to Apply:

1. Prep and push back cuticles. Clean the nails with Affix Dehydrator to ensure proper adhesion.
2. Apply Fusion Primer, for the ultimate bond.
3. Apply a thin coat of B.O.B and cure under a LED Nail Lamp for 60 seconds and repeat with a second application.
4. Apply gel color of your choice, then cure under a LED nail lamp for 60 seconds.
5. Apply Polished or Radiance Gel Topcoat and cure under the LED Lamp 60 seconds.

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