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KB Nail File Trio - Cordoza Nail Supply
KB Nail File Trio - Cordoza Nail Supply
Katie Barnes

KB Nail File Trio

$ 10.00

Each KB Trio Trial Kit Contains:

1 x KB 2 Way Nail File 240 / 240 grit

1 x KB 2 Way Nail File 150 / 180 grit

1 x KB 2 Way Nail Buffer 220 / 280 grit

Perfect to use one set per customer.

  • Our design includes a precision ruler which allows you to check and measure your enhancements with ease – perfect for in salon or competition. 
  • The dot located under the grit indicates the grit level on that file side.
  • Our rectangular shaped file delivers a larger surface area for improved comfort and better hand to eye coordination to give a uniform result. 
  • All of our nail files are made from the finest and most durable Japanese file paper.
  • Reinforced central core for added strength and durability.
  • We recommend 1 nail file per customer but following UK legislation our nail files can be washed and disinfected.


  • Nailing the grit

There are so many types of nail file, so how do you know which one to use?

All files are coated in a material similar to sand paper, which creates a grit-like coarse surface. Like sandpaper, nail files are graded according to how much grit they contain per square inch.

  • The higher the grit, the smoother the file and the lower the grit, the coarser the file. The quality of grit is also important for longevity of your file. 
  • For natural nails, a fine-grit file (180 – 240-grit) is gentle yet effective. 
  • Coarse files (80-100 grit) are best for de-bulking acrylic enhancements.
  • Medium files (150 – 180 grit) are best to shape extensions of medium thickness and to shape the free edge of toenails, which are thicker than fingernails.
  • Fine files (240-600 grit) are best for refining. 
  • Ultra fine files (600-2400 grit) are used for buffing the nail to a shine.

Filing techniques

Each nail tech will have their own filing routine but consistency is key to ensure a symmetrical and even nail. When filing the enhancement you should work uniformly in sections and keep your file flush onto the product, rather than keep lifting off and filing odd sections here and there. Follow my filing routine here.

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