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You've asked for it and it's available now LOADED with 12 of our brushes!

This Wildflowers Brush Case holds a total of 42 brushes and tools AND now has a third compartment with 2 places to tuck in your stamping plates.  It has the perfect place for your silicone tool set, and of course, all of your Wildflowers Brushes, and any other brushes you may have.  It can stand up on the desk as you work, or lay flat.  

It has three zipper compartments.

Compartment 1: holds the silicone tools on the left side, along with your liquid brush, and other odds and ends.  The right side holds 12 brushes (included in this set).

Compartment 2:  Both the left and right sides hold 12 brushes each.  

Compartment 3:  Both the left and right side have a pocket with elastic for the Wildflowers Stamping Plates

It also has a handle along the spine so you can grab it on the go.  It safely protects your brushes, and is perfect for travel.  

 Includes the following brushes:

  • Wildflowers Black Mini-Mini
  • Wildflowers Blue Striper Brush
  • Wildflowers Gold Striper Brush
  • Wildflowers Magenta Brush
  • Wildflowers Silver Brush
  • Wildflowers Orange Brush
  • Wildflowers Teal Brush
  • Wildflowers Light Pink Brush
  • Wildflowers Rose Brush
  • Wildflowers Lime Brush
  • Wildflowers Mint Brush
  • Wildflowers Indigo Brush

**This brush case does not include any stamping plates.


The brushes included in the Loaded Brush Case can be cleaned with liquid monomer (no matter what medium you are using) and store it moist with monomer.  :)