MINX Collection 18pc

Team Ladybug Mobile Manicurist

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  1. TV100017 - Nocturnal Gaze - aqua with lavender color shift
  2. TV100018 - Lavender Lioness - lavender with a periwinkle color shift
  3. TV100019 - April Meowers - silver with light teal color shift
  4. TV100020 - Feline Femme - bubblegum pink with light pink color shift
  5. TV100021 - Kitten Whiskers - terra cotta with wine color shift
  6. TV100022 - Queen of Spots - burgundy with red color shift
  7. TV100023 - Café de Tortie - mocha brown with an iridescent color shift
  8. TV100024 - Just a Catnap - marigold with an olive green color shift
  9. TV100025 - Emerald Eye-land - emerald green with an iridescent color shift
  10. TV100026 - Purr-fect Purple - grape with a light purple color shift
  11. TV100027 - Cool Cat - brilliant blue with an iridescent color shift
  12. TV100028 - Tiger Lily - silvery lavender with a pale pink color shift
  13. TV100029 - Cat's Meowza - bright gold with pink color shift
  14. TV100031 - Mauve Minx - mauve with light blue color shift
  15. TV100032 - Paws Full of Petals - aurora pink with a deep indigo color shift
  16. TV100033 - Cats in the Clover - mossy green with gold color shift
  17. TV100034 - Lion in the Sun - deep gold with an iridescent color shift
  18. TV100035 - Hot Cheetah - apricot orange with iridescent color shift

SIZE: 15ml each

Brand new and exclusive to The Mobile Manicurist. This is our entire collection of Minx Cat Eye gel polishes.

The brand new Minx cat eye gel polishes are a combination of pastel, aurora, and deeply pigmented cateye colors. Use with different types of magnets to achieve different types of cateye patterns.