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Nail Camp EAST Classes

$ 25.00


Join me at Nail Camp EAST in Florida for some great classes to re-fresh your skills! Please make sure you are attending the camp for more info on camp go to


Social Media Masterclass 3hr 

Are you struggling to get results from your efforts on social media? I will teach you a way to strategically plan out your social media, execute it and get people in your chair! NO, this won't get you 10k followers but it will get you the LOCAL engagement and customers you're wanting! Excellent for people new or looking to grow their clientele quickly! Please bring a pen, notebook and your laptop/tablet!


Branding & Business 101 3hr

Learn how to easily keep your business on brand, build graphics for social media, create marketing materials and look like you have a professional designer managing your business! We will also be covering how to raise your prices, and basic business management! Pair this with the Social Media Masterclass for the ultimate business boot camp!


Max Out Your Mani 5hr

Come learn all about EGNs extensive line of natural nail products and how you can max out your profits by upselling quick and easy nail art! You'll also learn our foil tips and tricks for all those pesky foils, how to do a flawless glitter fade, create your own glitter gels, simple but cost effective nail art and more! Let's max out your mani's!  Come prepared to play! 

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