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Unlike large UV/LED lamps, Mini LED Light with silicone head stamper cures effortlessly any nail art application. Perfect for dried flowers, rhinestones, stickers, nail foil, chunky glitter and other soft nail art accessories. Not recommended for metal or sharp edge nail art as it will scratch or cut the silicone head. Preferred cleaning method is a sticky tape or a soft nail wipe saturated with nail cleanser. 3 - AAA batteries are included.

How to use:

Apply your favorite gel color and cure. Use a TACK FREE top coat such as POLISHED. DO NOT CURE!! Place your embellishment onto the un-cured top coat. Place your LED Flash Cure Jelly Stamper on the surface of the embellished nail and press gently with the flash light on. Move the stamper over the entire nail. Your surface is now cured.