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SIMPLY Smooth Blush 30ml - Cordoza Nail Supply
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SIMPLY Smooth Blush 30ml

$ 43.50

SIMPLY Smooth is a thin viscosity self-leveling hard gel that cures to a high shine under a LED/UV or LED lamp. It acts as a base, build and top coat all-in-one. It gets the name Smooth because it is self-leveling to create a perfectly smooth surface each and every time.

  • Cures to a high shine.
  • Available in Clear, and Blush.
  • Self-Leveling
  • Great for quickly completing natural nail overlays and fills.
  • Use with tips or forms
  • Stays shiny until you file it off.
  • Formulated with high-quality resins that will never crack or chip.
  • Formulated using oligomers that result in a safe and hypoallergenic product for clients.


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