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Has social media go the best of you or your just not really sure how to get results? Our proven strategy was developed for nail techs (over 3+ years of perfecting) and we just launched our tool-kit, a self driven way for you to get more clients in your chair and stay consistent without HOURS on social media!! 

In the tool-kit AKA The Social Strategy you will find many resources to get you going, keep you going and motivate you to keep going!! You'll even get a cute sparkly pen to fill out your workbook! 

Our social media toolkit is an in-depth kit developed by Tiffani Cordoza using the proven PAVE strategy!


Sparkle Pen

PAVE Desk Card 

Social Media Workbook

Social Strategy Notebook/Calendar

Content Scheduling Calendar Template

& BONUS Worksheets & Social Media Starters (fill in the blanks)!!