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Lac It!™ Gel Polish applies like a polish yet has the durability of a gel.

It is to be applied in two thin coats on the natural nail or atop artificial nail enhancements, curing after each coat. The result is comparable to an extra durable coat of nail polish.

The limited edition kit comes complete with 3 NEW limited edition Lac It! colours, one fan-favourite staple – Black Lac It! – and en Vogue’s Oval Gel Brush…everything needed to create stunning tortoiseshell nails (and countless other designs).


Additionally, the kit has a QR code which directs nail technicians to a complete tortoiseshell nail design tutorial!


Black: Our classic, high pigment true black

Chocolate Tortie: A dark, true brown crème

Tortitude: A dark brown jelly

Calico: A jelly amber, the perfect base for tortoiseshell nails


With this release, en Vogue hopes to provide techs with an all-in-one package for creating the popular tortoiseshell design (from the colours to the tools to the education), but they also hope to spark creativity and with their two new jelly shades. “We think nail techs will have a lot of fun layering these shades, creating dimension and interesting designs. We can’t wait to see what they come up with!”