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Comparing Yourself to Others

Tiffani Cordoza

Posted on July 30 2018

Comparing Yourself to Others

Hey Friends,

 Congrats on 3 amazing weeks. I hope that through implementation of these challenges & short lessons that you have started to see personal growth as well as business growth. Before we dive in, let's take the time to reflect on Week 3. Have you taken action to mentor a next gen nail tech? If so, please share your experiences with our TRIBE! I personally have taken action myself and sometimes it just feels so great to do a selfless good thing!



OK, let’s just get right down to it. We are all guilty of this in some form or fashion. It’s not your fault, it’s just human nature. But what if I told you that you’re not comparing apples to apples, that comparing yourself to others is not actually a true comparison. There is nobody in this entire universe that has the ability to be exactly like you.We are all individually made to be unique and all of our different qualities make the world beautiful and diverse. How exactly does this have anything to do with nails? It has everything to do with nails! As nail techs we constantly measure ourselves against Pinterest, Photoshop, Magazines that have been heavily edited and other nail techs that we feel are “better” at art or shaping than us. GET OVER IT.  YOU are AMAZING too. You are more talented than you realize. You have qualities that no one else has. If you can convince yourself that you are talented in your own way, smart in your own way, successful in your own way, you will unlock doors to endless opportunities! It starts with a mindset; a daily personal pep talk that I got this. Repeat after me. Why Not Me? I am NEXT! Yes, TRIBE friends YOU are NEXT!


CHALLENGE: TOOT your own horn. Sit down and write out a short career related summary of what you do or excel in. 2-3 sentences max. This can become your mission statement so put some thought into it. If you’re feeling stuck think about this, if someone was to ask you what you do how would you explain it in one- two  sentences. Example: I provide quality nail services through skilled training, safe salon practices and professional products. I excel in preventive pedicures and cutting-edge nail designs. Please be original, personal and creative! Once you have created your self-empowering masterpiece post it in our TRIBE group under the WEEK 4 tab and then INTERACT with fellow techs. Compliment them on their success! 


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