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Resources + Advice for Awesome Nail Pro's

  • Empathy, Pricing and Nails - Cordoza Nail Supply

    Empathy, Pricing and Nails

    Have you ever considered that what may be causing you anxiety about raising your prices and charging your worth and what you want to be paid is because you are literally holding hands with your client for 1+ hours every time they sit in your chair?

  • Normalize the NAIL INDUSTRY - Cordoza Nail Supply

    Normalize the NAIL INDUSTRY

    WHYYYYY are we given ZERO credit and ZERO acknowledgement and WHY ON EARTH are we looked down on 

  • Time Savers for Nail Appointments - Cordoza Nail Supply

    Time Savers for Nail Appointments

    I think absolutely we should be normalizing longer appointment times BUT we should equally normalize higher priced services.

  • QR CODES for Nail Techs! - Cordoza Nail Supply

    QR CODES for Nail Techs!

    Everything you need to know about QR codes and how to use them in your business!

  • Nail Tech + Marketing - Cordoza Nail Supply

    Nail Tech + Marketing

    A nail tech needs to not only understand the concept of nails but also have a strong concept of marketing, and here is why..

  • Become Unstoppable - Cordoza Nail Supply

    Become Unstoppable

    Social media is a great avenue for nail techs to reach new people but I would like to touch on social media and the main things I see fellow nail techs doing that might not be as benefiting as some other tactics!

  • Top 5 Apps/Websites You Should Utilize - Cordoza Nail Supply

    Top 5 Apps/Websites You Should Utilize

    As we navigate through this pandemic don't forget to set yourself up for future success. You have extra time.. make it profitable!

  • Educate The Consumer {attract the clientele YOU deserve} - Cordoza Nail Supply

    Educate The Consumer {attract the clientele YOU deserve}

    Hold out for the clients who appreciate YOU, value YOU, respect YOU, and they know they are lucky to be sitting in YOUR nail chair!

  • It's Not You.. - Cordoza Nail Supply

    It's Not You..

    I would be lying if I said that the majority of client-nail tech relationship posts that I see on social media, that I witness on my delivery route or I hear stories about from nail techs doesn't fit that description. 

  • Time + Management = SUCCESS! - Cordoza Nail Supply

    Time + Management = SUCCESS!

    Are you setting yourself up for growth using the 80/20 rule?

  • What's a VNC? - Cordoza Nail Supply

    What's a VNC?

    How amazing is it that you can now take a nail art class virtually but still be in an "in person" setting! If you are intrigued read more here!

  • FEAR: It is a Liar. - Cordoza Nail Supply

    FEAR: It is a Liar.

    You are doing everyone around you a disservice if you don't allow yourself to show up authentically and real. 

  • KEYNOTE: SLIDES & WORKBOOK - Cordoza Nail Supply


    If you attended nail camp east these are the resources from my keynote!


  • Fire Clients Without Fear - Cordoza Nail Supply

    Fire Clients Without Fear

    Stop letting your clients control your worth. Don't let their money control YOUR happiness.