The Boss Behind the Brand 🚀

Tiffani Cordoza is the dynamic owner and founder of Cordoza Nail Supply, a prominent figure in the nail industry. With over a decade of experience as a salon owner, a licensed nail technician, distributor, and content creator, she has honed her skills to perfection. Her entrepreneurial journey is marked by versatility, and her passion for the nail world shines through.

Tiffani's impact extends beyond her business ventures. She has cultivated a strong community, the Cordoza Nail Community, where she empowers nail technicians to excel and become the best version of themselves. Through a range of online resources, she provides invaluable guidance and support:

- Cordoza Nail Community: A platform for group coaching.
- Business Boosting Blog: Sharing insights and tips for nail professionals.
- Mobile App: Making her expertise easily accessible.
- Thursday Night Live Shopping: An engaging shopping experience for her followers.

Cordoza Nail Supply, under Tiffani's leadership, stands as a professional-only nail supply hub. It is distinguished by its unwavering commitment to quality products, comprehensive education, exceptional service, and robust business development. Tiffani personally curates a selection of professional-only brands, guaranteeing her wholehearted endorsement of every product.

In a world where excellence and passion merge, Tiffani Cordoza and Cordoza Nail Supply are leading the way in the nail industry, shaping its future and empowering professionals to achieve their highest potential.