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Clear Jelly Stamper

1. How do I clean my Clear Jelly Stamper?

  • Use alcohol or nail polish remover, (small acetone content in the nail polish remover is acceptable) on the Clear Jelly Stamper heads. DO NOT CONSTANTLY USE PURE ACETONE!! (once and a while can be used to prime)
  • We recommend using our Sticky Pad to clean the Clear Jelly Stamper head. Or you can also use a lint roller; however, be VERY careful not to use one that is too sticky as it can damage the Jelly head or pull the Jelly head form the stamper handle and possibly damage it.
  • Using a good nail polish remover will not ruin the stamping surface.


2. How do I care for my stamping plates?

  • we use nail polish remover with acetone to clean the steel stamping plates.
  • store plates in a proper plate storage pouch to avoid damage when not in use.


3. Will my ClearJelly head last forever?

  • No. The nature of the product that allows for the pick-up and transfer of polish with a water clear view, is VERY delicate! You will need to replace your jelly heads from time to time. We recommend having a spare on hand for stamping lovers.
  • This Jelly head is most vulnerable when taking out of the handle or putting back into the handle, so please be very careful when working with them.
  • Also, be aware of the pressure applied when transferring image to the nail, don't apply excessive pressure to the head. If you have a very strong c-curve or very long nails, you may need to roll slightly for full coverage. Excessive pressure can cause splits in the jelly!


4. How do I store my Clear Jelly Stamper?

  • Store it in open air or in a plastic storage container.
  • Store out of direct sunlight.
  • Don't allow it to be stored touching something else as it may leave a permanent impression.
  • Store multiple heads separately so they don't fuse together!


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