Nail Tech + Marketing

Written by Tiffani Cordoza


Posted on February 17 2021

Hey Techs,

Tiffani here to talk to you about MARKETING! Marketing is so important to nail techs because without effectively knowing how to do it, you will struggle with growing a clientele quickly! I always say doing "nails" is only half the battle! 

I am offering a few classes related to marketing that might be of interest to you! You can find them by clicking HERE! 


I get SO many questions when it comes to marketing and the biggest one is where to start, and to be honest there isn't a perfect place or time other than NOW!


Below are 5 tools you can implement TODAY to start you on your marketing path:


  • Start posting images of your work (edited & post worthy) consistently and make sure to ADD captions that get your audience to interact with the image! You can PRE-SCEDULE your content by using a software like LATER the one I personally use! Click HERE to try it!


  • Get SAVVY with a design editing software like CANVA to create consistent content!! Try Canva HERE! 


  • Take your clients and future clients behind the scenes using stories and reels, show them what you offer, the nail art you have available, etc!


  • Start a box/drawer of seasonal and trending products to get them hyped up for new nails AND ask them to feature you on their socials/stories and TAG you (while they are there) for the chance to win an item of your choice (they get a ticket and you draw monthly) OR offer them a small discount!!


  • Set up an EMAIL system!! Most online booking systems have the ability to do email and text marketing!! UTILIZE IT!  TRY SQUARE HERE!





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