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The Power of Perceived Value in Your Nail Business πŸ’…

Written by Tiffani Cordoza


Posted on January 31 2024

I've been thinking a lot lately, especially about topics in our industry. There's plenty I scroll past, but one thing I can't ignore is the whole pricing scene – it's a real head-scratcher! 😬

Yesterday, I threw a question into my fbΒ group, and wow, got some awesome responses – thanks a bunch!! ❀️ But you know what? Pricing is still messing with my head, and I reckon we all need to chat about it.

Let's face it – some of you, right here reading this email, got the pricing game down. For some, this nail thing is just a side hustle covering costs and giving you some extra cash to spend, and for others, the wage is all good and makes sense. But here's the thing – some of you are in a tough spot, living client to client, scared to lose one 'cause it might be the one that sinks you. You're hesitating on prices, stuck in the feels, thinking you're not good enough or worth it. This one's for you. πŸ₯°

So, I'm gonna say it loud – PERCEIVED VALUE.

Hard truths hit, I get it. But know this – I'm on your side, pushing for more and rooting for you to see your value, if that's what you want.

Truth time – wages are what you're willing to charge. Same goes for stylists, photographers, and your peers. It's all about Perceived Value. Doesn't matter if you're in a tiny town or a bustling city, low income or high, the playing field is level. You just gotta be cool with VALUING yourself and knowing what you want.

Quick disclaimer: I'm not saying rip off clients, be late, run a sketchy business, or charge crazy prices. You'll lose clients that way – no doubt.

I'm challenging you to dig into your business, not the flashy nail art videos, but the messy stuff you skip 'cause it's not 'fun.'

How can you offer something so good that clients happily pay top dollar without a fuss?

Spoiler: It's VALUE. Value in yourself. Value in your skills. Value in what you bring to the table. The client also needs to find Value. Not every client/future client will value their nails, and that's OK! Find the clients that VALUE quality, responsible nail care!!

If you've stuck around this far, big thanks for investing your time and thinking about your future. Now, let's drop some homework and questions to help you figure out your business game:

  1. What's your VALUE as a nail pro? What do you bring to your clients?
  2. What are your costs to run this show? What's your time really worth?
  3. How much are you charging for your services, and how long does it take?
  4. What's your actual profit per hour, considering all the costs and taxes?
  5. Are you genuinely happy with where you're at in your career?

If you're still with me and you're feeling the need to go deeper but aren't sure how to do it alone, check out my business growth group, or click the link below. You'll find the link right at the top of my website in bold black and white! ❀️

Thanks again for hanging in there. Excited to see where this takes you!



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