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Time Savers for Nail Appointments

Written by Tiffani Cordoza


Posted on April 27 2022

I saw a post about normalizing longer service times and I thought the breakdown was awesome.
I personally would make a few changes to those times because I think there are ways to streamline some of the time…
Some of those things that can save time would be…
Ask your client to arrive 15 min early to pick out their color/design + utilize your Pinterest boards so they can see examples of your art or make a monthly nail art board with 5-7 designs varying in price they can quickly pick from!
• Pre-book their appointments in your booking system or ”sell” your clients a time slot that is their time and book it as a recurring appointment in your software. This will also help you manage your schedule easier, and be much less headache for you, and they will always know when they have an appointment! I’d even encourage you to do a $5 add on if they want a “sweet spot” time.. the appointment right after work (usually 5-7pm) are highly desired and everywhere else’s charges a surcharge for rush hour or high flux times so why shouldn’t you?! That’s a GOLD appointment!
I would also strongly encourage you to compensate for the longer appointment times. I think absolutely we should be normalizing longer appointment times BUT we should equally normalize higher priced services.
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