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Normalize the NAIL INDUSTRY

Written by Tiffani Cordoza


Posted on April 27 2022

I have been racking my brain for literally DAYS. I walk on the treadmill in silence with my thoughts about this. I lay in bed awake at night trying to find the golden answer. Then it came to me... it's happening in schools. I have been trying to figure out why 99% off nail techs have issues with their clientele. What is the common denominator here and why do so many feel like they are a slave to their career that they originally LOVED? Why are so many quitting? Why do so many not make it? WHYYYYY are we given ZERO credit and ZERO acknowledgement and WHY ON EARTH are we looked down on worse then the fast food workers? I would wager to say that I believe that culture is happening at the schools and being engrained into students before they ever have a chance to form their own thoughts or opinions and they are taking the information and letting it scare them. As a result, we end up with nail techs who ARE now scared to charge their worth. Advised to "call around" and set their prices a little lower than the "competition". Take ANY and all clients regardless of how they treat you. Answer texts/calls 24/7 or they might go somewhere else. Work on your days off to build a clientele.

Basically...... what they are setting you up for is FAILURE. They are setting you up to be miserable, unsuccessful and have NO clue how to properly run your business. Is it entirely their fault? NO. They probably are not qualified or have the knowledge or training to teach you how to properly set boundaries and they may not know themselves. 

P.S-if by miracle I have reached a school/teacher PLEASE let me HELP YOU!!!!


Here is the thing you need to understand, and it applies to students, new nail techs and 20+ year veterans in the industry. You are an educated nail tech that attended school, got licensed, continues to be regulated through your state, continues to educate yourself, and you are NO different than ANY other trade/degree holding workforce. 


I encourage you to NOT bend over backwards and be at the beck and call of the public and your clients... they don't pay you nearly enough for that luxury. If they are causing you stress.. fire them. If they aren't respectful of your time at work... fire them. If they aren't respectful of your personal time.. fire them. This is YOUR business. These are YOUR rules. If they want nails done by you, it comes on your terms not theirs. If they can't respect that (you) and they leave.. let them! I can promise you, there will ALWAYS be clients looking to get their nails done. Let's normalize HEALTHY BOUNDARIES in a nail tech/client relationship.


I encourage you to write down all of your expenses for a month, ALL OF THEM, gas to work included. Write down your income, and the amount of clients you saw. FIGURE out mathematically (shockinggggg right??) WHAT it is costing you to operate and what you are bringing in on average per appointment. I bet you will be BLOWN away when you see how much you are really averaging. It won't be so hard to add on the extra $5 for that glitter or stamp when you know where your money really is going. Let's normalize the fact that you CAN make 6 figures doing nails IF you are charging accordingly for your expertise.


I encourage you to set healthy relationships with your clients and ask that they contact you during your business hours. Lets normalize not being on-call 24/7 OK??? We are not the local ER doc. We are also not paid his on-call wages. Ya trackin?? Take your personal time off and don't feel bad about it. You are not required to be waiting like a lost dog for them to call/text you. Let's normalize the fact that we don't have to be a doormat. We can respond during business hours.


I could honestly go on and on about this because it is maddening to me the brainwashing that is done to nail techs so that they truly believe that they are worthy of nothing. I personally know SO many nail techs that are at a point now that they hate their job. They are looking elsewhere for work because they can't handle the stress. Their love for art and connecting with people left the desk long ago. They are beat down, exhausted, and ready to burst at any moment.  It's NOT OK. 


If you are one of the nail techs who are lucky enough to not experience these struggles, I encourage you to reach out to a newer nail tech in your area and check in on them. Chances are they are not ok and they need your help. Chances are it could change their life and yours. I am only ONE very small person in the industry and I can't possibly reach everyone on my own. 


If you are one of the nail techs struggling for any reason... YOU are with a large majority of your peers. You are most definitely not alone. I would encourage you to really look into your business AND not just focusing on the nail art. Yeah, it's pretty but does it make you smarter? Can it significantly impact your life for the better? Take some free business classes online if you can. Invest in personal development classes. Take back your confidence and remind yourself that you are a BAD ASS!  A client is lucky to sit at your table!



Tiffani Cordoza 



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