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QR CODES for Nail Techs!

Written by Tiffani Cordoza


Posted on November 16 2021

You have probably seen them before and you might even be savvy with scanning them but are you using them to your advantage as a nail tech? QR codes have been around for awhile and they are genius for nail techs! You can add them to your business cards, put a sign at your station or use them to hand out when you are frequenting local businesses in town!

So what are they and how do you use them? In order to use them you open up the camera on your smart phone, scan the code, and tap the link that pops up! You will be directed to wherever the QR code is linked too!

You can link them to your social media, your booking link, your payment system, your photo's!! The potentials are endless!! All your customer has to do is scan it and it will take them where you want them to go hassle free!! Do you have a PDF you want them to read? Salon policies? Link the PDF to the QR code and they can easily read up on everything you want them to know!

Here is a link to a free QR code generators:



QR codes are definitely not a new thing, I knew what QR codes were but I never really used them. It wasn't until I attended a women's retreat a few weekends ago that the dots all connected and I realized how powerful these little codes could be! On the back of our name badges was a simple code that said scan me and so I did! The lyrics to the worship songs all popped up in a PDF file on my phone! I was able to save it and refer back to it the entire weekend. I kicked myself for not using them sooner and I hope this is your inspiration to use them for your business too!! 

I will be using them for our VINT boxes and the new box we have launching SOON! I am so excited to implement them in my business! 

Leave a comment and let us know how you use them, and if you create one, share it here =) 



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