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CNS Nail Coaching Academy

CNS Nail Coaching Academy

CNS Nail Coaching Academy

CNS Nail Coaching Academy

CNS Nail Coaching Academy

CNS Nail Coaching Academy

CNS Nail Coaching Academy

CNS Nail Coaching Academy

CNS Nail Coaching Academy

Fire Clients Without Fear

Written by Tiffani Cordoza


Posted on October 21 2019

Have you ever had a client on your books that LITERALLY made you sick when you see it's their nail "day"?

A client that tells you at every appointment your prices are "too high"?

A client that is historically late to their appointments OR cancels every other appointment?

A client that knit picks and tell's you how to do YOUR job?

A client that doesn't appreciate you or respect you?

A client that tell you your going to "price yourself out of the market" if you raise your prices?


IF you answered YES to ANY of these questions...




I am not joking. Client mental abuse is a REAL THING and here is the best part. YOU don't have to put up with it!!


Your brain is probably thinking about at least 1 client that NEEDS TA GO!


I am sure you're nervous because.. what if they leave a bad review? Tell their friends? Never speak to you again? You lose out on the money from the under paid service they receive.


SO here's what you're going to do to take back your books and allow room for clients who appreciate you, respect you, value you and pay what your worth!!


The next time that clients sets in your chair and tells you that you're "too expensive", cancels her appt with no notice or makes you feel inadequate in your job simply remind them that..




Here's some verbiage that can help you out:


Scenario 1 "prices too high":

I apologize that my prices (new prices) don't fit into your budget. As a business owner I have the cost of doing business expenses, taxes, product, education, schooling, and x years of experience and unfortunately YOU don't get to the luxury of putting your price on my services.


Scenario 2 "habitual no show/late":

Implement a no show/late fee and actually charge it and it will probably stop this problem but IF not..

I run a business where time equals my paycheck. If you can not respect my business and your appointment times I will not be able to do your nails.


Scenario 3 "knit picky client":

I get the feeling that I am not the right nail professional for you and there are several amazing nail professionals out there. Why don't you go give someone else a try and if you're not happy I can try and get you back on my books.


I encourage you to stand up for yourself and your business. Stop letting your clients control your worth. Don't let their money control YOUR happiness. I am doing EVERYTHING in my power to take a stand for nail professionals and help YOU realize that you are educated, worthy, amazing and YOUR clients that are like this DON'T DESERVE YOU!





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