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It's OK to Say "NO"!

Written by Tiffani Cordoza


Posted on October 18 2019

Are your clients running you?

Do they complain about your prices?

Do they make you feel "guility" for wanting to charge what you feel you're worth?


IF you answered YES to any of these questions keep reading...


So here's the thing. Your clients are UNEDUCATED. They don't know what they are doing is hurting YOU financially. They are unaware. They are oblivious. AND if they are aware of what they're doing... THEY NEED TO  FIND SOMEONE ELSE. After this email you will NOT stand for feeling guilty and you're worth will not be determined by them any longer.



I am feeling urged to write this email based off of 2 recent interactions I have had this week. One with a nail tech and one with a consumer. This is a serious problem that is affecting more of us than we realize if we are honest with ourselves.


I had a customer (nail tech) tell me this week that she doesn't know what to do because her clients can only afford X amount for their services and she wants to service them but she knows that she can't sustain a business on X price.  As a people pleaser myself I GET IT.  It is HARD. Especially when you are still building a clientele.


I asked her a simple question.  IF you had no money would you go to Starbucks/coffee shop or would you skip it until you had extra money? YOU. SKIP. IT.

Your clients need to STOP thinking that a LUXURY nail service THEY WANT should come at YOUR expense.


I will say it again...


Your clients need to STOP thinking that a LUXURY nail service THEY WANT should come at YOUR expense.


It is not YOUR problem. Their lack of funds is NOT YOUR PROBLEM.  NAILS are a LUXURY.  It's OK to SAY "NO"!


(side note: most of them that come in complaining about your "price" also have a Starbucks in their hand.... am I right??)


The next time a client tells you that they can't afford your prices or that your prices are too high kindly and professionally let them know that your services are a luxury and if they can't afford what you charge then there are several others willing to work at a price point they can afford. You can also remind them that your price reflects the level of service they will receive, the standards that you have in sanitation and safety and the knowledge that you posses.



pat yourself on the back because I can guarantee you that 6 months from now you will email me back and say THANK YOU for the encouragement because I now have a clientele that appreciates me AND I am making money doing what I love... AND I'M NOT FEELING GUILTY ONE BIT!!


Get out there and let your light shine and stop feeling guilty because you get to make a living doing what you love!!!!



I mentioned client perspective earlier and I wanted to touch on that really quick.  I have an amazing best friend who I get to vent to and get an unbiased opinion back. I was pouring my heart out  to her about this topic for literally an hour.. at the end of my vent session she looks at me and says..


I HAD NO CLUE. I feel like the worst nail client ever because the person you just described is me. BUT.. only because I was unaware of what it costs to run a nail business, I didn't know about MMA, I didn't know.


We are causing our own misery. Our clients sometimes DON'T KNOW. Let's take the time to educate the consumer every chance we can. Let's change the stigma that doing nails is a HOBBY. It is our source of income and we need to bring awareness to this issue.





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    Tiffany. I’m not a tech any more but I’m in sales…. I so much appreciate the positive word you are sharing….I’m choosing my clients better because of your words… Ill be in your neighborhood tomorrow to see your salon. Praying for a season of prosperity for you and all of us wanting to be the best we can be and still make others feel beautiful!!!!
    Blessings to you my friend!!!!!

    Posted by Teri | October 23, 2019
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