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Raise Your Prices!

Written by Tiffani Cordoza


Posted on October 29 2018


I am positive that you are reading this because you want to make a change but you're not sure how or when or where to begin?! Am I right??

Well let's get right to the point and say this.. You are NOT going to lose your entire clientele. You may lose some and that's ok.

You need to make room for your "ideal" client. I preach over and over all day to nail techs in person and online about charging what you are worth. You are not every nail tech, you're not any nail tech. You are YOU.

You are reading this because I assume you like to educate yourself and you value the education you receive. You use quality products and you exceed state requirements when it comes to sanitation and safe practices. If you're still with me and answered YES to those questions than I can guarantee that you need to RAISE your prices.

Friend.. you actually need to raise your prices once a year but that's another topic we will get in too!  There are so many factors that go into raising your prices and things that we consider when raising our prices like.. What are the salons around me charging? I live in a small town. I live in a big town. My customers can't afford that.  I am here to be the person who bursts your bubble and stresses you to the max in a good way. I am here to encourage and support you in your journey to raising your prices and becoming financially free in your nail career. Can you do it in a small or big town? Absolutely. You're just going to have to take a risk and go for it. 

How do I know what to charge?

Take a look at your product costs, your operating costs, your business expenses and figure out what your paying already in expenses. Write down a list of your services and the time it takes you to do them. I suggest setting a goal to make $1/ min or $60 per hour. If you are already above that YOU GO GIRL!!

Keep raising that 3% every year and pat yourself on the back. If you are lower than that.. It's ok!! Raise your prices to what you are comfortable with and then add another dollar! Just continue to raise 3% every year at the same time. Most techs pick Nov-Dec to raise their prices! Do NOT compare yourself to others around you. Price yourself what you feel like you deserve to make.. and use my goal if you need too! 

Implementing the CHANGE. Oh gosh that can be a tough one. Be prepared because you're going to lose a few clients and that is ok. You didn't need them anyways. They were probably the always late, complaining about the price, I want identical to my Pinterest picture.. Oh that line isn't strait can you fix that for the 10th time and I forgot my wallet can I pay tomorrow clients. Am I right?? Create a desk display that will notify your clients of the upcoming change and talk about it at their next appointment. Be prepared to stand your ground! 

Follow through with your increase and make sure you are implementing a no show policy. The higher standard you set for your business the more successful you will become. 







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    Thank you, thank you! I raised my prices after your class last year and it was the best investment I had made in a long time. Know your worth!!

    Posted by Beth gipson | October 29, 2018
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