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Time + Management = SUCCESS!

Written by Tiffani Cordoza


Posted on December 02 2019

Time management seems like such a silly thing to write to you about but I think it is something that a lot of people struggle with. We schedule ourselves back to back with clients and run a schedule on the daily but is that really managing your time for success? 


I run a few different online programs for nail techs that require time. The funny and interesting thing about it is that most of the nail techs have one thing in common.. they don't make the TIME to be present or show up to these classes. 


I get it trust me!! I am so busy myself running a business, managing my own multiple businesses social media accounts, taking care of kids, being a mom and wife and having some time for my own personal development. 


What I am about to tell you will impact your life and hopefully if you let it.. Your Success. 


You're day is scheduled out into time slots for appointments.. right? Book yourself an "appointment" every day for a 10 minutes. Take the time in those 10 minutes to purposefully post on your social media accounts. Be consistent and make sure that you are doing this every day. I can promise you that those 10 minutes a day.. 70 minutes a week will yield you larger results and more profit than 1- 70 min nail service appointment that you are paid $60+ dollars for. 

You're business must have consistency to thrive and grow. You can do nail services all day long but you also need to think about ways to grow and ways to increase revenue!!


Do me a favor.. TRY this for 2 weeks. Write down your social media analytics before you start and compare to your new numbers in 2 weeks. The numbers alone will be all the proof you need to see that 80% of your business will come from 20% or less of the work you put in.


IF you are wanting to learn more about social media I invite you to join my self paced virtual online course and have access to all the tools you need.. but it will require your commitment! 





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