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Top 5 Apps/Websites You Should Utilize

Written by Tiffani Cordoza


Posted on April 02 2020

I am writing to you in a time when most of us are at our lowest point in our career. As a nail professional we can NOT work through this pandemic, nor would we want too! The risks involved with working right now are far to great for us, our families and our clientele and their families. So we are forced to take a time out. My question for you is.. 

Are you learning from where you were when you were forced to shut down your business? OR Are you kicking this pandemics butt and coming out of time out like a BOSS? 

Let me know in the comments.. Seriously drop me a line!


I hope you will come out of this time out ready to dominate. Take this forced time out and leverage your skills so that you can come back a leader and a stand out nail tech in your community, you with me?


The TOP websites/apps you SHOULD be using are as follows:

Udemy is an online resource where you can take paid courses in ANY area that you would like. The prices are all affordable and they can be a wealth of information for you in this time of need. NO, they aren't nail related but trust me nail art is the least of your worries right now! Learning skills to level up from where you used to be is essential to your future career and where you want to go! You get a bonus DO OVER so use it! -

Canva is an amazing place for the somewhat tech savvy somewhat design/color savvy nail tech to go and create images/graphics/logos that are professional and cohesive! It's a great resource to keep your brand on point! Need further help visit my BFFs site and she will teach you alll the things branding related! (mobile app is best and FREE) -

I am a preset junkie and I love me a pretty IG feed! I suggest creating or purchasing a preset for LR and then start using a preset on all of your photos! It will create a cohesive theme on your pages and your clients will be able to easily spot your nails! -

 It is MY most favorite way to schedule content because you can schedule to all platforms AND in groups! Create an action plan, schedule content that ties into your action plan and be ready to rock and roll as soon as your back to work! -

YUPP.. I just called out your worst enemy and best friend all in the same platform. If I wear you I would grab my FREE pinterest for NTs resource guide and get to work while you have some free time. You'll thank me later when you realize just how many things pinterest can ACTUALLY do for your business! 

Grab the Pinterest Guide here



One last thing.. 

Don't forget to build your email list. I have been telling nail techs for YEARS to build an email list. This is a perfect example of WHY I have been telling you! The nail techs that have an email list are able to communicate with their clients, pitch gift card and retail sales and have their clients at their fingertips and an email away! 


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