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What's a VNC?

Written by Tiffani Cordoza


Posted on November 06 2019

There is no denying that I am a complete technology NERD! Like grab my laptop, put on a Hallmark movie and brew a hot cuppa somethin' and this girl is living her best life!! 

In all seriousness I run a successful nail distribution, I created a nail tech social media strategy course and I love to empower nail techs. What I have noticed in the last year is the decline in attendance when it comes to in person education. I get the typical (and I don't blame you!!!) responses of I can't afford the class, I can't afford to travel, I can't take the time off work, I don't have a babysitter, the list can go on and on. The point is we live in a society that is BUSY. When we aren't slammed at work we are living our hectic, overflowing with chaos lives. Trust me friend.. I am one of YOU! 

I have this super amazing and talented friend who has been so gracious to teach my nail classes for me since I am no longer doing nails daily and am running more behind the scenes with my business. I had this crazzzzzzy idea to open up our in person class to virtual viewers. Honestly because most people said they were busy at that time/day or couldn't make the drive to the class. SO, I added the virtual version to the class. What happened next was beyond amazing. We had people signing up 2-3 at a time!!! We advertised the virtual version for only 1 week and we had 20+ virtual viewers in our class. I couldn't believe my eyes. I kept calling Christie saying you aren't going to believe this but we have more people coming virtually! 

Fast forward to the day of the class... I will save you the time. It went beyond amazing. The people in the virtual class LOVED that they could sit home on their day off or with their babies and still be a part of nail class. They could tune in between clients and watch. They said.. when is the next one? The common response was.. when is the next one!!! WOW!! 

Here is the thing.. We want easy and quick. We want to multi-task. We want to have the best seat in the nail class, and we want to be connected from a distance. This is exactly what the virtual nail class allows us to do!! 


So here is how they work & why they work so well:

The virtual class is scheduled for a specific date and time. As soon as you sign up you will be emailed a link to join our private FB group. On the day/time of the virtual course you will tune in to the live video where Chrsitie Baca will be teaching you a nail class in real time. The class is interactive and you can ask questions. As soon as the video ends you will have 6 days to re-watch the video in the group. All content will be deleted on the 6th day at 11:59 pm. The class style works so well because you can tune in from anywhere! You get a birds eye view of the class and you can feel the VIP experience through the video!! Give the class a try and you'll be a VNC (virtual nail class) Groupie in no time!! 

Hands On is coming too!! You will be mailed a class kit 1 week before the class date/time and you will walk through step by step with Christie as she creates each nail! Sounds like so much fun right??


We will be doing 2-3 virtual nail classes per month. They will be $25 per class until 2020 and YES friend.. Hands on will be available (YES!!!)


Are you ready to join a virtual nail class? CLICK HERE

will be offering 2 virtual classes per month AND 1 hands on class! 


Nails from our VERY first virtual nail class!!




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