Buckle Bunny - CNS Sparkle Shift Pigment

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Introducing our newest nail product – the mesmerizing Chameleon Sparkle Pigment! Take your nail game next level with this cutting-edge pigment that boasts chameleon effects and massive sparkles, adding a touch of magic to your nails!

Unleash your creativity as the precision-engineered pigment allows for versatile application methods. Whether you prefer an ombre effect, a dazzling gradient, or a full-on chameleon masterpiece, our pigment ensures a flawless and captivating finish every time. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination! You can apply over black for the best chameleon effect or over a complimentary color! We also love it over white too! You can apply on tacky layer of gel polish or on top of a no cleanse top coat.. the possibilities are endless!

Crafted with the utmost quality in mind, our Chameleon Sparkle Pigment is made from premium materials that deliver a vibrant and long-lasting result. The finely milled particles ensure smooth application, creating a seamless blend of colors and sparkles that will leave your nails looking like a true work of art.

The uniqueness of our product extends beyond its captivating effects. Housed in a specially designed designer crystal jar, our Chameleon Sparkle Pigment not only reflects the high-quality product within but also adds a touch of sophistication to your nail desk. The crystal jar is not just a container; it's a statement piece that complements the luxurious experience of using our pigment. We think you'll especially like the lid!

Product is measured by weight and the jar will not be full, and may settle in shipment!

0.5 grams per pot