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What is High Shine & How does it work?  High Shine is a soakable base and top in one. It is cured in UV or LED light. UV cure time is 3 min or LED is 60 seconds. It MUST be fully cured or you can experience peeling.  High Shine can be used as a base, pigment or glitter press and then used as a top! Comes in a refill size to maximize your profits. Can be used as a top gel for acrylics or hard gels and it has killer shine for the entire time between appointments!! *Dispersion layer must be removed after full cure with nail cleanser.


Elegant Glass Nails Acryle Acrylic-  Our acrylic line is different in that the monomer determines the set time versus the powder.  The set time is 20-30 seconds and it will be as hard as it will ever be in 7 minutes.  Most products on the market take 24 hours to be completely cured. It is self-leveling and dries to a satin finish.  It has impeccable strength. It is a perfect particle blend so you will not experience the product compacting or clumping. Optimal temp to work the product is 72 degrees. The colors available are: Clearvue, Sheer Pink, Nordic White and Barely Pink. Available sizes are 2oz, 4oz or 16oz.


Fusion- What Why How? STOP lifting in it's tracks- Fusion is our universal primer and it is better known as a MUST HAVE for any enhancements that you put on nails.  It is a keratin bonding agent that acts as a double sided sticky tape to adhere the enhancement to your nail.  This product can be used under acrylics, gels, soakable gels (only on the free edge if you plan to soak easily), or polish. To use Fusion you want to apply 2 coats to the surface of the nail that has been properly prepped and cleansed using our nail cleanser. Air will activate the "sticky" creating a better bond yet.  This product will stop lifting in its tracks. Available in a 1/4oz salon size or a 2oz refill to maximize your income potential.


NO Heat Gels & They DON'T Stink.. Yep!- Our Simply Elegant gel line was formulated to produce NO heat.  Our gel line includes a base, builder, clear, white and GLOW in the DARK White! Cureable in our UV/LED combo lights for 1 min between layers and a 3 min final cure! Applies with ease for beginners or masters!


Create your own GEL POLISH? Seriously.-  Have you tried our suspension gel? Use this gel medium to create 1 of a kind custom soakable gel polishes for your clients at a fraction of the cost. Start with the starter kit that includes gel pots, mixing scoops and a 1oz suspension gel that will create 16+ colors.  Once you get the hang of it you can purchase a refill size of the suspension gel and tubes of gel pots! All you need is pigments and glitter and the rest is up to you! Cures UV 2min/LED 1min.  High Shine for the top and base. Soakable. No more gel polish bottles for $16.95 that are almost the right color but not quite.


How do I get my Stones & Bows to STAY??  I have the perfect combo. Resin Gel and Spray Activator.  Your stones won't budge. The key is that you have to us them both.  If they are not used together they will NOT have the strength they need.  Apply the resin gel and attach your stones.  Finish it by spraying 2-3 sprays of Spray Activator and TADA! No more missing stones.


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Affix- Dehydrator, PH balancing agent. Use beneath any enhancements to dehydrate the natural nail before Fusion primer. Use on the natural, not needed over enhancements. Available in a .5oz desk size or 2oz refill.
Nail Cleanser- Alcohol based cleanser to remove oils from the natural nail during prep or to remove the dispersion layer from gels. Available in an 8oz or 32oz. 
Fusion- Universal Acid Free Primer. Use beneath any enhancements on the natural nail to create a synthetic bond between the keratin in the natural nail and enhancements or polish. You can do 2 applications for maximum results, especially heavy lifters. Think of this as a double sided sticky tape. Available in a .5oz desk size or 2oz refill. 
Acryle Liquid & Powder- Self levels, sets in 20-30 seconds, 7 min to fully harden at maximum strength (most take 24hrs). It has very minimal odor. Does not crystallize or get "bubbles" in the acrylic. Hardens to a satin finish so you can go directly into top coat if wanted and will remain crystal clear. The powders are refined using cross cut technology so you won't have the powder clumping in the jar. The optimal temp for the acrylic is 72 degrees. Files very easily. The liquid determines the "set speed" not the powders. The liquid is available in a 8oz, 16oz or 32oz. 
The powders come in a 4oz or 16oz the colors available are:
Clearvue- crystal clear powder
Sheer Pink- very light translucent pink
Barely Pink- semi opaque light pink with shimmer 
Blush- semi opaque intense pink with a hint of shimmer
Extreme- very intense translucent pink with a little shimmer
Dazzle- cover peach with lots of iridescent sparkles. 
Cover Pink- opaque pink 
Cover Peach- opaque peach
Acryle Dip System- the EGN dip system is a true easy to use dip system with glue and powder. A full set can easily be completed in 30 min.  The dip system requires brush on glue, spray activator and an acrylic of your choice! You will need miracle dissolve for removals or fills! You could use this system for anyone allergic to acrylic or gels, light sensitive or just needing a quick service. 
Brush On Glue- thin viscosity glue used for the dip/wrap system or applying tips. 
Miracle Dissolve- use to soften the glue on stones for easy removal, use to soften the dip system glue for removal or a fill. You can also use to clean your stamping plates! 
Resin Gel- thicker viscosity gel like glue used as a top coat for your dip system nails or used to set 3D art or stones. ** pair with spray activator
Spray Activator- spray that will speed up how quickly the glue dries as well as makes the gel stronger. Hold 6-8 inches from nails. 
** Resin and Spray Activator are a go to for attaching embellishments to the nails that will last 3 plus weeks.
Simply Elegant Suspension Gel- Soakable gel that you can use to create your own gel polish colors. The Suspension gel is also great as a base for your gel manicure if you file to remove the colors. The gel is flexible and can go on natural nails. Anything you mix into it will stay suspended in the gel. You can mix pigments, glitters, liquid ink, acrylic powders into the Suspension gel. Use High Shine as the base and top for natural nails. You can sandwich this in with your hard gels as well! Cures 60 seconds LED or 2 min UV. Available in a 1oz or 4oz. 
Simply Elegant Gel Polish- Traditional gel polish in a bottle and ready for you to apply! The gel polish will not wrinkle or shrink. Provides solid coverage with 2 coats. Soakable. High Shine is the top and base coat for the gel polish. Available is a .5oz desk size. 
Simply Elegant Hard Gel- No heat, self leveling hard gel. This gel is extremely strong. The gel comes in the following sizes and colors: 1/2oz, 1oz or 4oz.
Base- apply like polish to the natural nail after fusion and extend onto the form for the base of your nail enhancement. Cures 30 seconds LED or 1 min UV.
Builder- thickest viscosity gel for building in strength to the nails. Cures 1 min LED or 2 min UV. 
Clear- thinner viscosity gel for doing a maintenance fill, buff and polish on your hard gels and capping your glitters. Clear is also a great stain free top gel for clients that stain their nails easily. Brush it on like polish, cure and remove sticky it will be shiny! Cures 1 min LED or 2 min UV. 
White- white gel is extremely pigmented and meant to go on very thin. Don't build thickness with the white gel. Cures 1 min LED or 2 min UV. 
Thymol Septic- hospital grade disinfectant with a white iodine base. Use before nail services or pedicures. Great retail item!! Helps treat and prevent fungus and will help nails that are unattached to the nail plate regrow. 
Top Coats:
High Shine- Gel Polish top and base in 1. Remove sticky layer after cured with nail cleanser. Cures 1min LED or 2 min UV. 
Polished- no cleanse gel top made for pigments to be "rubbed" into. Turn any pigment into a mirror pigment. Can be used as a top coat for your acrylics or gels but it will stain as it is porous. Cures 1 min LED or 2 min UV. If rubbing pigments only cure 10 seconds!!
Polished HOLO- same as polished but it has sparkle!
D Glass- no cleanse acrylic gel sealer. 2 min UV cure.
Glaze- no cleanse hard gel sealer. 2 min UV cure. 
Made Ya Look Acrylic Tints- pre mixed and perfectly formulated to take the mixing guesswork out for you. Use with the acryle liquid. Over 300 colors and growing.
Glitter With Attitude- cosmetic grade raw glitter blends custom created and of the highest quality. 
Retro Glitter Gels- premixed glitter gels ready to go! Cure 1 min LED or 2 min UV.  Produce NO heat! 
Stampeze Stamping Polish- perfectly formulated to give you a solid crisp design once transferred. Highly pigments and fast drying. We recommend our clear jelly stamper for best results. 



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