KB 4 in 1 C-Curve Tool Set

Katie Barnes

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Katie Barnes Tool Range®

KB 4-in-1 c-curve tool set

 'Confidence in one hand, good tools in the other’

Our 4-in-1 c-curve tool set has been designed specifically as the all in one nail tech tool. One end is complete with a diamond coated file and the other end a ruler and angle measuring tool to measure the length and c-curve depth of the nail. 

1. Precision ruler measures up to 30mm

2. C-curve depth measurement 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% 100%

3. Diamond coated file, replacing the need to stick file paper to c-curve sticks. The file can remove excess product from underneath the concave of the enhancement and perfect the hair line

4. C-curve sticks help create the perfect and consistent c-curve


  • 6 different sizes - 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 MM to fit all nail shapes and sizes
  • Double ended 4-in-1 tool is perfect for competitions as less tools are required, saving desk space
  • Compact, sturdy and lightweight tool is easy to handle
  • Made from quality aluminium 
  • Black finish contrasts against pink or white enhancement products for a better view
  • Acetone and solvent resistant 
  • Will not warp or change shape with use
  • Suitable for both and left and right handed technicians
  • Can be used with all enhancement mediums
  • Tested by Nail Technicians for Nail Technicians
  • Length of handle - 130 MM

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