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CNS Nail Coaching Academy

CNS Nail Coaching Academy

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CNS Nail Coaching Academy

CNS Nail Coaching Academy

Become Unstoppable

Written by Tiffani Cordoza


Posted on April 28 2020

UNSTOPPABLE: impossible to stop or prevent, bulletproof, unbeatable, invulnerable

When salons were forced to shut down was your business able to transition and still serve your audience OR were you left scrambling with the feeling of your business being unstable?

I think if you answered the second, you are NOT alone. Actually, if we are honest, you're probably right there with 80% of your peers. THAT'S OK THOUGH! I am going to do my very best to help you, help yourself!

... Let's GO!

IF you are not actively using social media, email, and a website/booking system.. you need to. You need social media to find and reach NEW people, you need an email list to serve YOUR people (email lists are the new rolodex) and you need a website/booking system to streamline your appointments, act as your receptionist, send out your appointment reminders, and be your virtual business partner.

Social media is a great avenue for nail techs to reach new people but I would like to touch on social media and the main things I see fellow nail techs doing that might not be as benefiting as some other tactics!

  • appealing to the wrong audience

We can't help it, we love what we do. We love it so much all we want to do is post our work, look at other people's work, and hang out in the nail groups!! That is excellent for networking or even to learn a thing or two. Let's be real though, YOUR CLIENTS OR FUTURE CLIENTS AREN'T IN THOSE SAME SPACES OR LOOKING AT THOSE SAME THINGS!

You have to create a social media experience that will ATTRACT a client not another nail tech! If I was live this might just be my mic drop phrase! I love y'all so much but please remember we are selling an experience to a customer, not to another nail tech! So stop posting a ton of nail pictures and nothing else!

  • posting without a strategy or intent

This is NOT your personal page. End. Of. Story. You have a personal page that you can use to post whatever you want on! Your business page however is your virtual resume. Ok, it's not that serious but hear me out. When a new follower goes to your page are they able to easily find out what they need to know?? Do they know who you are? Where your located? Services you offer? How to make an appointment or reach you? Know what your salon looks like? You look like? Your nails look like? Do they know your salon policies? What vibe are you sending to a potentially new client?
(your vibe doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be unique to YOU, and authentic)

Your strategy should be purposeful, are you trying to get new clients? Start producing content that will resonate with someone looking to get their nails done. I can guarantee that a future client wants to see more than JUST a set of nails on your page! They want to know who YOU are. What YOU do differently, your secret sauce! They want to know what coming to you will be like, they want to know what they can expect, what it is going to look like! Provide them with a complete experience from the time they find you until they fall in love with your business and just have to be a part of it! I can promise you clients are not just looking for a pretty set of nails. They are looking for someone they can relate to, share similar interests with, and enjoy spending time with every 2 weeks! (PS- you want to attract your tribe too, you don't want to attract people you can't stand.. right??) So to sum this up.. POST content that speaks to your ideal client and treat your nail career like a business.

  • dropping off the scene randomly

Consistency is key in social media. The algorithms work best when you are posting consistently. You have time right now to schedule content, take some time and get savvy with scheduling 3 posts per week if you know once you head back to work you won't have the time! If you want to continue to grow and have an engaged audience you can't be random about posting. It has to be daily.

Myth: the more followers the better.. JUST.... NO!
What matters the most is that you have an engaged audience. It really doesn't matter how many followers you have if they aren't engaging with your page. What this boils down to is you need REAL people who are in your community actively engaging with your page. The # of followers really doesn't matter. You get engagement by being consistent and posting with a purpose.

So here is where and HOW this makes your business UNSTOPPABLE...

When you have an engaged audience of people in your community (AKA people who are your client or might become your client) and they are following your business they see your status updates, they get to know who you are as a business owner and member of the community that they also live in and love. They start supporting you through referrals, coming in for a service, gifting a gift card to their friends or boss, they build a relationship with you based off of what they see on your social media, your emails, your website. They feel like they are one of your friends and that they know you (and maybe they really do already know you!). When the pandemic hit/or any business threatening issue you are easily able to get in touch with your clientele via email, you are able to serve them through your socials and email, you are able to offer solutions to their nail problems remotely, you are able to still generate income because the people in your community want to keep your business going. You have built a business that is UNSTOPPABLE, INVULNERABLE, UNBEATABLE, BULLETPROOF.

I hope that you know how much I want to help YOU as a fellow nail tech. I want to see you come back from this pandemic 10x stronger than you were before. I want you to know that what you have been doing is NOT wrong, but there is another lense you can look at your business through. I hope this email will inspire you to really look at the current business model you have and make changes big or small to set yourself up for ultimate success. You have time in your favor right now. Time to get your business online, make a social media account, record some videos, share your story, share your why and most of all you have the opportunity to start fresh in a brand new ball game. The possibilities are endless and the only place you can go from here is UP!

I went over so much more in the video so if you want to see more of me head over to my FB group (link above) and watch the video version! There are quite a dew cut-outs because my children were calling me on repeat but that is the season I am in right now, mom of 3 home school kids! That right there is a full time job and I will never look at home school moms the same way ever again.. they are saints!!




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