FEAR: It is a Liar.

Written by Tiffani Cordoza


Posted on October 31 2019

I am going to be completely honest and completely vulnerable.

Being VULNERABLE sucks.

Going into uncharted territory sucks.

I was asked a few months ago to be the keynote speaker at Nail Camp West. I thought I was going to die. I literally made myself sick. I don't like being put in the spotlight and I forget everything I know as soon as I get on stage.

I wanted to write this to any of you feeling like your struggling with the FEAR of pursuing your dreams and goals.

The FEAR of not knowing if you can physically do what is required.

You absolutely can and will!!

FEAR is a LIAR!!

You are doing everyone around you a disservice if you don't allow yourself to show up authentically and real. 

Here's MY story of OVERCOMING FEAR:

The months leading up to camp were rough. I can't count how many times I made myself sick from being stressed out. I was a walking zombie because in the back of my mind I knew each day was a day closer to standing on that stage. Before I even got to camp my very best friends rallied together to make sure I was ready and prepared. Once I got to camp my nail family wrapped me in their arms and squeezed. That's the amazing thing about us nail techs. We LOVE people. We LOVE to serve others.  We LOVE to support each other. If you haven't experienced that within the industry I encourage you to meet other nail techs in your area and form a community of nail techs. Some of my greatest friends are nail techs! The day of the keynote I thought to myself WHAT am I doing to myself. NO ONE wants to see you fail or fall. NO one wishes you would mess up. They just want to see the real YOU. I felt a sense of relief BUT not a relief of my nerves!! I was still so scared. Everyone was giving me encouragement before I went up to speak and one of my friends said a quick prayer for me. I walked up there and I was scared, nervous, all the things. I was also very honored. I was honored that everyone in that room was there to support me. They wanted to learn from me. I spoke from my heart with my voice shaking. I read from my notes most of the time because my brain forgot everything and it was OK. It was better than OK. It was AMAZING. You guys... I was afraid of NOTHING!! I don't even know what I said in my keynote because I stood up to talk and next thing I knew it was over. I had 2 purposes when I went up there to speak. I wanted to conquer a fear AND more importantly I wanted to serve our industry. I knew that I would be doing a disservice to others by NOT showing up and being my authentic self.  Make no mistake the presentation was completely imperfect. It was terrible in the realm of things but it was ME. It was REAL. It wasn't me trying to be PERFECT it was me standing up meeting you where we ALL ARE if we are honest and being PRESENT with all of YOU. 


So I challenge you to sit down and think about who you want to serve and what is your purpose?

Being a nail tech is hard work but it is also very special & rewarding work. Not everyone is in a career where they get to hold hands all day with other humans and interact in a unique way.

Are you allowing yourself the ability to show up authentically YOU? 



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