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It's Not You..

Written by Tiffani Cordoza


Posted on January 17 2020

To the burnt out made to feel inadequate nail tech,

It's NOT YOU. 


I think something that NEVER gets addressed or talked about in the nail industry is the big black dark cloud the follows some (not ALL) of us around. The emotional abuse inflicted on us from the consumer. The uneducated public in other words. 


I am SO sick of watching amazing, yes AMAZINGLY talented nail professionals be ripped to shreds by social media, or by the people in their town. I want to bring awareness to YOU, even if you maybe aren't suffering from it, or maybe you are and you don't want to admit it. The unfortunate thing is that it often leads to the other dark cloud.. Depression. I want to define emotional abuse for you before we go any further into this subject and I am NOT a doctor or suggesting that any of you self diagnose yourself with either. I just simply want to open your eyes and give you a few tools that have worked for me to get past some of the harder times in my life as a nail tech.


One definition of emotional abuse is: "any act including confinement, isolation, verbal assault, humiliation, intimidation, infantilization, or any other treatment which may diminish the sense of identity, dignity, and self-worth."




I would be lying if I said that the majority of client-nail tech relationship posts that I see on social media, that I witness on my delivery route or I hear stories about from nail techs doesn't fit that description. 


I want to let you know 3 things. THREE important and vital things. 






I hear so many of you struggling with your clients telling you how to do nails. This is what you attended (and graduated might I add) school for, have perfected as your trade, and continue to educate yourself on. I hear clients telling you that you aren't worth a price increase, telling you when to work (by asking to accommodate their schedule), manipulating you by threats to go somewhere else, the list really goes on and on but unfortunately you most likely already know and have your own story about this. 


My hope in writing this blog is that you will somehow find the inner strength and confidence that is hiding deep inside you saying, I AM AN AMAZING NAIL TECH! I hope that you can wake up each morning and not feel bound to your clients with chains. There ARE amazing clients out there. Clients that VALUE your expertise and your education. That VALUE your time. That VALUE.. YOU. You just have to be willing to let the unhealthy, manipulative and abusive ones GO. You have to be willing set boundaries in your business. 


The last part of this is the uneducated general public which quite honestly is just that, uneducated. If they have never been self employed or around self employed people.. they most likely don't fully understand the severity of a no call no show, or showing up 20 minutes late. If they have never been to a professional nail tech who spends time on proper procedures they probably wonder what is taking so long, why we are doing what we are. Please take the time to educate your clients. Educate them on what you're doing and why it is important for their safety or health, educate them on the how important it is to call if they can't make the appointment, let them know the expectations of your business at their first appointment or send it to them for approval before they book. Implement policies and follow through with them. Never make the mistake of taking anyone you can get, or coming across as you'll do anything for their business. This will set the tone for how the appointments will go and will also allow them to see themselves as superior. Please never forget that YOU don't have to do their service. YOU are the one performing the service and you get to choose who sits in the chair!


Before we go I also want to let you know that you are NOT alone. There are so many nail techs out there who struggle to set boundaries and stand up for themselves and there are so many who QUIT because of the clients, not because of nails at all. If this is you, or has been you, don't feel ashamed or flawed. Don't be afraid to reach out if you need support. We have an amazing industry with a TON of amazing business owners and educators who are willing to help you! I am one of them and I am just a message away!! 


Please check out my other blogs because they will be a great resource in helping you stand your ground and take back your nail business and your happiness!



Tiffani Cordoza 




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    WOW. WOW. WOW. you hit the nail on the head Sister!!!

    Posted by Susanna Hansen Holmgren | January 24, 2020
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