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Transfer Foil Nail Art is not new, yet it has recently seen resurgence!

Transfer Foil can provide instantly remarkable results that will easily woo your clientele and provide you with a quick upsell opportunity.


  • Apply two coats of color, curing after each application. Tip!! Use a base color that matches your color of foil so you don’t have the natural nail peeking through. Remove tacky layer!
  • Apply Foiled evenly over your polished surface and cure 60-120 seconds depending on the LED light you are using. Let the cured Foiled rest for 30 seconds before applying your transfer foil this step assures a perfect transfer.
  • Rub firmly over the entire nail and lift the foil off the nail.
  • Apply Radiance Undercoat Base Gel, Cure!
  • Apply Radiance Overcoat Top Gel! Tip!! Seal your free edge to prevent your foil application from lifting.

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